Perk Up Artist!

Benefit always has the most amazing names for their products. And the Perk Up Artist is no exception. An amazingly cute palette with 3 concealers inside.  Click on images to see larger detail.

The palette is a really clean pretty white with a magnetic clasp which i think is a great feature.  

It also has three little tip cards which are really helpful and teach you the best ways to apply concealer and make the products work for you.

Each concealer has a lid which really eliminate any chance of messy products. Open each as you need it and your in business. (L-R) Yellow to correct any redness or pigmentation on the skin. A flesh colour to cover blemishes. Salmon colour to brighten under the eyes.
The concealers are really creamy but as you can see they are slightly the wrong tone for me. I am more of a pink toned skin than yellow so it's hard to blend in especially under the eyes. I do like this prodict but not 100% I would reccomend it to the fairer skined ladies. I'd say go to your Benefit and have a little test of the product first to see if its the right shade for you.
Do you own any Benefit products?


  1. Mine arrived today, quite excited to play with it as it looked amazing when the girl at the Benefit counter used it on me x

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