Whats on my face?!

Thought I'd give you the run down of my daily makeup. Not the fancy stuff like eyeshadows and lipstick just the basics that I do everyday. Starting with what i do first and obviously ending with what I do last :)

So First of all I use the Nspa Revitalising Vitamin Toning Mist, I used to splash my face with water before starting my makeup as i found it really helped my moisturiser to sink in and work better but now i use this because its basicly water bit with more benifits for my skin. You can pick it up for £3 in Asda. Its really refreshing and wakes you up, and also smells amazing.

Next I apply a one small pump of my 'My Skin' Brightening moisturiser with SPF15 and my one-two pumps of my Nspa Illuminating beauty serum. The My Skin moisturiser is really creamy and melts into my skin and the Nspa serum adds a really subtle glow to my face that helps my foundation to blend better with my face. 'My Skin' is onr of my favourite skincare brands and its tesco's own, its targeted towards teens and acne prone skin (which is me in a nutshell) They have all natural products in and smell amazing. Nspa is available in Asda.

Next, I move onto my foundation. At the moment i am using a mixture of my Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream in 'Light' and my GOSH BB cream in 'Sand' which has SPF 15 (review on that soon) OR my Healthy Mix Serum in 51 Vanilla Light. Depending on what mood my skin is in or how hot the day is. Though recently I've been really leaning towards the BB creams, they just feel so much lighter on my skin and create a better look on my face then the think gel foundation of the healthy mix serum.

As you can see I have now run out of my Maybelline BB cream and i think i'm going to repurchase the full size product its only £7.99 so bargain! Also you can get the GOSH (£7.99)and Boujoirs (£10.99) products in Superdrug.

Next I apply my Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer in 1 FAIR (I'm so pale) and i buy mine in the morrisons near my dad because for some reason everything is £3 HAH.

After that I set my foundation and concealer with my 17 Pressed powder in Nicely Nude. After a few months using it i realised that less definatly was more! I apply it only to the areas i really want my makeup to stay less oily or slip off, like on top of my concealer and my T zone.

OK, so after that i apply my blush, I have a few different blushes but the one i always go back to and love the most is my ELF blush in Innocence (£1.50) Its a really pale pink colour that compliments my pale skin but also looks great when i have fake tan on so I think it would suit most skin types. As you can see i probably need to purchase a new one soon!

Ok, So then i apply my lip balm so that it has time to sink in while i apply eyeshadow etc. My favourite is this Cath Kidston one, I bought it in TKMAXX in 2011 and i cannot find it anywhere to repurchase it. Its thicker than vaseline and kind of like a gel based product. Its the best thing i've found for smoothing my lips and ready for Lipstick. I'm trying to use it sparinly as i can't find it anywhere :(

Then i fill in my brows. My brows are pretty full as they are, but i like to tidy up the start and point of them, I use this avon Brown eyeshadow that was my mums and she's had for years, I've been using it for my brows about 2 years and still has a ton left.

Last of all (after eyeshadow) I apply my mascara. My favourite is this maybelline define-a-lash in 'Brown' because it looks most natural, you can pick this up from pound world, for yep you guessed it, £1! My mum loves it too and i recently bought 4 incase the shop runs out haha.

And that's it. Over all it takes me about 10 minutes or less. I use the Elf studio powder brush to apply my foundation and an Avon angled brush for my blusher.
What products do you use? Have you tried any BB Creams?


  1. I found your blog through twitter, thanks for the read. Have you tried the elf the "shy" blush as a substitute for the innocence? It has a little bit more color but may blend in with the light skin as well.

    1. No I haven't but I'll have to have a look :) sounds nice! X

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