Not including today, there are three days left until I go to Leeds ^_^ I'm so excited and rather nervous! I really wish one of my friends were going as it would just be so much more exciting and less scary. I've never been to something like this before, and the prospect of going alone i just.. AHHHH. But needs must!
Heres a photo of the lineup (I'm going to the middle one)

I've finally got everything together that i'm going to be taking with me in my bag, so heres a little list:
-Two drinks, Oasis and a Powerade.
-Eye drops (as i'm going to be wearing contacts and I have really dry eyes.
-Purse with money & I.D.
-Old phone.
-Lots of Snacks.
-Mini deoderant.
-Mini dry shampoo (I know i'm not camping but if my hair gets a bit sweaty -EW- then i can give it a quick spray)
-Mini hairspray (I'm not sure what i'm going to do with my hair yet but its nice to keep the flyaways out of my face).
-Antibacterial Handgel.
-Antibacterial Hand Wips (incase i get mud of my face or something hah).
And I think thats just about it! I'm going to be filming a 'what i'm wearing to leeds video' on friday so I will pack my bag and show everything then too :D Just to finish off this blogpost, heres a video of Coheed and Cambria from when they were last at Reading & Leeds in 2006, The song is Welcome Home, not The Final Cut as the video says. Fools!
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