Small Haul.

Went food shopping with the mum today and picked up a few things. First of all we nipped into B&M and i got a couple of beauty products.
I noticed that W7 were selling foundation, now usually i would not pick this up but just something about the bottle was calling me. It states it lasts 16 hours, flawless coverage and is photo ready(im assuming that means doesnt have a sheen if photos are taken with flash) It was only £2.99 so I thought i might as well pick it up! I got the lightest shade which is called 'Buff' They had about 3 shades on offer but for £2.99 I can't really complain. If you'd like a proper review on it let me know :) Click on all images to see it in more detail.

I took thi photo with flash and there wasnt too much glare, so let me know if you want a review :)
Next I saw this NYC Smooth Mineral Starter kit for £1.49. I've never bought anything that was a mineral powder before and when i read on the box that the contents was $30.00 worth of stuff I thought I should pick it up and give it a go! B&M have ome really great makeup bargains! The kit comes with a kabuki brush (which i also dont own, but it's not very soft unfortunatly) a Finishing powder with thankfully looks pale, a blush (which looks more like bronzer) and a white and black mineral eyeshadow. I know power eyeshadows can be hard to work with so we'll have to see!

Next we went to tesco (to buy actual food) and they had a HUGE isle full of back to school items, my mum said 'Oh look, you dont actually need any of this this year!' and then i saw this notebook... And omg, i'm in love HAHA. It's SO me. If i were a style, i would be shabby chic. The notebook was £1.89 i think (or somewhere around that) and they also did a larger version. My mum was like 'you don't need any more notebooks!' But i had to get it! It's true, im a notebook fan, but never have anything to write. I always go, okay this time i'll use it for THIS and then give up after the first page. Let me know what you think i should write in it. I have found it makes a perfect backdrop to take photos on. Hence you might notice it behind the W7 foundation. Tesco do some beautiful notebooks.

And the last thing i picked up. This was the most expensive thing i picked up at a whopping £4! Haha. I've seen alot of reviews on the Vivo products by 'foundonfilm' on youtube and everytime i went to pick something up they were sold out! I've always been intregued by baked blushes and eyeshadows because they just looks so cosmicy and beautiful! I picked up this blusher in shade 4 (I wish it had a name!) and its just stunning! Ive swatched it for you but in person its just so pretty, I can't wait to try it tomorrow! Let me know if you want my views on it. :)

That's all for today folks, don't forget to check out my BLOG SALE and GIVEAWAY blogposts!! I Think i've just about got the swing of this blogging thing! Let me know if theres anything I should / shouldn't be doing :D