As you can probably tell from my banner i love a bit of skull action. Guess it's the 15 year old 'emo' in me calling out. But I still can't get enough of skulls on things. Bags, Jumpers, t-shirts, You name it, I want it. Recently I've been thinking of FINALLY doing my most requested video, the 'What's in my bag tag.' BUT I really want to have a new 'grown up' bag that I actually take around with me. because if i'm totally honest, I just use my pockets. That's that pockets are for! So i've got about 13 in my wish list on eBay and more from around the internet, but here's my top few:

So this is the bag I have my eye set on. Skulls, Scarf, BIG BAG. This is from eBay and is only £10.99 + Free Postage from china. I really like this bag, I know its a little cheap but for the price i think its a good investment.

And how cute is this clutch?!? It has a strap you can take off so you can wear it or hold it as a clutch and this bad boy is from eBay too! For only £11.99 + £2.70 postage from Manchester!

Do you like skulls? What bags do you have your eyes on?


  1. I love the first bag! The way the skulls are imprinted into the fabric looks lovely! I've found buying stuff from China on Ebay is really good - they do usually take quite a way to arrive but they prices are so cheap! I get quite a lot of jewellery from Chinese sellers!. :)
    Looking forwards to seeing which one you choice! How's your room coming on btw? :)

  2. Hi Serena. Saw you as the NYX Vlogger of the month and thought your blog looked cool so I've started following your blog! Follow back? :)

    One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days.