Matalan Mad!

So if you've seen my newest video FESTIVAL ESSENTIALS FT MATALAN, Then you will know how impressed with matalan i am! Its not always a shop that i go to because its not in the center of my shopping centre its a little way down the road (not that far but i'm lazy) But Having browsed their online shop a few weeks back, I find myself visiting it every day just to stare at things haha.
Their Autumn/ Winter 2012 has just been released online and its looking darn sexy. I also just saw PURPLEEEROSE's blog post on their homeware and thought i'd have a look at what they've got as ONE: Their home section in my local store isnt that big and TWO: Yes, as i keep going on about I am re-doing my room so i'm always on the look out for things i can get to spice it up.
I've heard alot of people say they can't shop their as they don't have a matalan card but i think thats old news, I don't have one and I think that was something from my childhood. You can buy without one now.
Heres some of my favourite pieces of clothing, homeware and well.. everything they sell basically. Click on the Images to see them larger:

(Photos from Matalan.com)
(Mirror £25/ Welcome Mat £5/ Country Duvet Cover £12-£18/ Buckle Ankle Boot £18/ Rounded Charm Bag £12/ Feather Dress £18/ Metal Collar Tipped Blouse £18)
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  1. Love how we're both obsessed with Matalan at the moment :P. I thought the same thing about a Matalan card to be honest - I remember when I was little and my Mum had one, when I went in they asked me at the till point if I had one and said No, they said I'd have to go one to get student discount but you basically just sign up in store. I think you might still need one to shop there but it's easy to do! Think it's more so you can get rewards and stuff - which is good really!. Really love those boots you've picked out saw them in store and they're lovely!.

  2. I never really go in to matalan just because the nearest one is about half an hour away from my town centre, but I definitely think that it's underrated! Whenever I do happen to go in there, I always see things that I really like and wouldn't normally think I would find in Matalan :) That collar tipped blouse is gooooorgeous and so are the duvet covers, I want 'em <3
    Zoe xoxo