Crafty Creatives Monthly Box.

I was so excited when i heard that there was a new monthly box on the scene, not a beauty box or a food box, but a CRAFT box. I LOVE wandering round hobbycraft looking at the glitter, paper, stamps, fabric.. basically everything. I love to DIY and customise things for my room and i'd love to start doing more of those types of videos for my channel. The only reason i havent is that when i do do DIY or make something, its usually on a whim, or takes me a long time or ill do little bits at a time over a long period so I find it hard to film it as sometimes i'll be working on it at 9pm and its too dark. We will see.
ANYWAY, This amazing box is called Crafty Creatives and is available HERE. Their website is really easy to navigate (im a bit of a website nut so I find these things important) and they have a great FAQ page so check that out if you have any questions! Its £10 p/m + p&p and compared to a beauty box you get a MILLION more things. If you'r like me and love collecting bits and bobs you will LOVE this box!
Check out their very first box that came out last month here I recieved the second box and the theme was nautical which i could not be happier with as i am a very big anchor lover (sounds bit odd that..)Navy and white are my faves. So heres a run though of what i recieved in my box, click on images to see larger:
Gorgeous blue string that I think is going to looks beautiful hanging up my bunting. To hear my opinions on these products watch the video at the end of the blogpost :)
Beautiful emerald green pearls! I think i may use these in the bottom of a bowl to stand my brushes in!
So, as i said in my video i made this bracelet to show you and here it is:
This was alot of fun to make and surisingly easy!!
And that's it! I think my favourite things in the box were the bunting, boat wheel pendant and the cute little fish! Can't wait to do my bunting!! Check out Crafty Creatives if your interested! Next month will be box three and i'm super excited to find out whats in it!!!

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  1. Absolutely love this Serena! Thanks so much for sharing this, otherwise I'd never of found out about it. I'm definitely going to get a subscription once I've moved into my new student house and got my loan :P. Can't wait to see what you make :)