More stuff you don't except to read on a 'beauty' blog BUT thi is also my personal blog, So yeah, you all know im a child of the fence (find out what that is here)and on saturday, i found a countdown on the coheed website
At first it was very confusing and there was no mention to which was seconds, minutes, days ETC but after some digging in the fourms i found that it would end Tuesday 5pm.
So Tuesday i was sat there refreshing the page and dead on 5pm the countdown changed to a video (you can watch it here) and it was awesome. Think of something you find totally awesome and then imagine finding out your gonna get like two big helpings of it. Yeah, i jumped up and down.
ALSO, earlier that day i found out that Coheed were coming to MANCHESTER -thats my hometown for those who don't know- now, bare in mind, just got a ticket for LEEDS to see JUST them (£95) and now there coming to my hometown for £22. YES, I'm going to both. I'm assuming the one in october will be from the new album. I am uper-uber excited!
I really want to get my tattoo soon! If you are in ANY way interested,read here.
More gig news: I am hoping to go and see Shinedown in November too ^_^ yay!

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