Bedroom Antics...

Thats right. Today i'm discussing my bedroom, and how my decorating is going :) So far all the wallpaper has been stripped off and the skirting has been repainted white. Next step is the wallpaper, THIS is the one im using, i got it from The Range for £5.99 a roll.
Recently i went to Ikea with my mum and we made a list of a few things that would be nice in my room, my fave style was the hemnes mainly the dressing table, wardrobe and drawers. I think you've all seen what my bed looks like and so i'm wanting some simple white furniture with a slight french twist or just a but of buzz about them. I LOVE the dressing table but i also really like THIS one from dunelm mill. As soon as my wallpaper goes up i think my rooms just gonna feel almost done :P My bigest problem at the moment is not knowing where to put my coheed poster because i want it above my bed like it is now.. but i dont want to cover my lovely wallpaper HMMM also im in DIRE need of bookshelves. I have sooo many books and not enough wall space. So we'll see. I can't wait to finally do a room tour.
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  1. Loved how you wrote (..not that) on your Facebook link to this post!. Absolutely love the wallpaper and the furniture I've always wanted a dressing table - I think I slightly prefer the one from Dunelm Mill a bit more though. Can't wait to see what your room looks like when it's finished!

    1. haha, yea when i posted it i thought.. hang on, this looks a bit risky! thanks ^_^ XX

  2. I enjoyed your decoration of your bedroom. Loved your furniture pieces for your room and waiting to see your decorated room's pictures.