August Shopping List

Its basically Autumn.. Like wth! We had maybe overall 12 days of GOOD english sunshine where i live so far this year. Which SUCKS! After iv'e been to leeds on saturday I think it will be time to put summer to rest. (check this page out for some awesome festival fashion) But the good news is that i like my baggy, layering, warm cosy clothes so when it IS hot, I always have a struggle showing off that little extra flesh so i dont melt to my death. So now that I know the weather isnt going to be getting better any time soon, I can start creating my autumn wish list of goodies. I wont be getting ALL of this as my mum is all 'YOU HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES' but oh well it's all good!! Heres things I've found online that i'm dying to own, from cheap, to little pricey (for me) and clothing to accessories and maybe some homeware thrown in. Click on images to see them in more detail and I will link products :D

Khaki Camouflage Jacket - Internacionale £29.99
But internacionale is having 20% off at the moment.
Cross pattern Playsuit - Internacionale £26.99
How cute would this look with tights and heels!

Spiked Bracelet - eBay 99p
How cheap is that!

Sterling Silver Stegosaurus Ring - eBay £23.69
I've had this in my eBay watch list for at least 4 months. And i need it.

Geometric Bunting Necklace - eBay £4.99
This reminds me of the necklace i see Ingrid wearing alot in her videos.

Cross t-shirt - MissGuided £13.99
Think this will look nice with my disco pants.

Lilac Suede Shoe boots - MissGuided £35.99
I've never found the Litas attractive, I just think the front is WAY too chunky for me. But I do like these 'fake' ones alot more. I never planned on getting any but these Lilac ones are just beautiful! Imagine them with a black peplum dress! Im so sad that they don't have a size 6!!!

Lace Top Peplum Dress - MissGuided £26.99
So speaking of peplum dresses, I love this one. A bit shorter than i would usually go for and i hate showing my sholders but its so pretty!!

Chelsea Boots - Tesco Clothing £14
I've wanted chelsea boots for SO long! and £14 is really reasonable!

Gray Tasel Boots - Tesco Clothing £22
I know, I know another pair of shoe but I've had these on my widh list for a couple of weeks and i can't wait to get them, i've already tried them on instore and there so pretty!

Leopard Print Clutch - Matalan £8

Peacock Jumper - Matalan £20
One of my fave brands! and a sexy peacock!
Lace Cami - Matalan £6
This cami would look so cute under a baggy top.
This is by no mean the end of my wish list haha, but i thought i'd give you a rest...Maybe do a 2nd half later :P
What are you saving to buy? Whats your Autumn staple?
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