Rules For Shopping.

Are you a spender or a Saver?!
Me? I'm a saver. As hard as that is to believe. I hate spending money. I always have that niggling feeling.. DO I REALLY NEED THIS? WHAT IF IN A WEEK IM LIKE I COULD REALLY DO WITH THAT MONEY NOW. So i have a few rules when it comes to shopping for clothes.

1- Make a list: Surf the net and see what i like the look of. When online shopping I ALWAYS list products Low-High and then scroll as far as the prices i'm willing to pay, so I dont end up falling in love with something i can never afford. Then I email all the links of the products to myself (weird i know) so that i can go back and see if their in the sale.

2-SALE IT! I always check the sale section FIRST, I like to pay as little as possible HAH!

3-Take someone shopping with you (who isnt an enabler), not only is it fun to go shopping with people but its good to have someone who can voice your conscience and say.. 'but you already have a top like that!' or 'comeon, your not going to die if you dont own that!'

4-Save up! I have a list of thing i want to own. Not clothing or petty thing. But real things i WANT to own. Like furniture for my bedroom,stock for basement boutique, the entirety of The Amory Wars in hardcopy. So when i go out shopping i think, would i rather have this necklace, or that pretty dressing table. And the answer is usually the latter. However that doesnt mean you shouldn't treat yourself now and then! Sometimes i think.. fuck it.. i'm getting this.

5-Be reasonable! I watch so many hauls on youtube where people say things like. 'Yeah, this jumper was £45 at topshop, but its topshop so its jusfied' and i think thats bullshit. What about the name 'topshop' or 'zara' or other highstreet brands JUSTIFIES spending £45 on a jumper!! Im sorry but there is NO WAY it cost them that much to make these clothing items, or every time they have a sale they would be making a loss! I cannot bring myself to 'justify' spending anything over say £30 for something i know i can get from somewhere else for less! I dont care what the label says.

Speaking of making lists. Heres what i would LOVE to own from LOVECLOTHING.COM:
Printed Floral Maxi Dress.
Wolf Jumper OMG LOVE!
I LOVE BIKER JACKETS and this is just the sex.
Awesome shirt! I love that the buttons are the same colour as the collar.
So yeah, i love loveclothing! It has a sale on CHEAP MONDAY atm!! You should check it out!

Im going away tonight for a couple on days but i can still answer you guys via my phone so feel free to comment. Let me know what you'r favourite piece on loveclothing is?!
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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!


  1. I totally agree with you, I always look in the sales first and can never justify paying a lot for something if i know i can buy it somewhere else or make it :) If i can't find it anywhere else and really like it, I will splurge but rarely do that xx

  2. hey if you get time, check out my latest blog post called tag: blogging love, you are mentioned as my inspiration :) louisa x

  3. I agree with the Topshop prices! I used to be in there all the time but i dont go in nowdays just so theres no more temptation to spend but also because prices have gone up even more and its ridiculous. Im no way paying £20+ for a printed tshirt - £45 for a jumper is just silly.. when you can go to h&m or Primark and grab an almost identical version for half price or less. Fffs!
    great tips - i think its good to have a friend with you to stop any silly purchases too xx

    1. Yeah! Its getting way over the top in there! They should really lower their prices. XX