So (i ALWAYS say this) but i want to start posting more. So every sunday i'm just going to do an 'off topic' post where i write whatever iw ant, about my life, what i'm loving, things iv'e bought, what i'm doing soon ETC. Basically just whatever comes to mind. (BRB, nipping to argos..not that you'll know ive gone since i'm still writing this).. I'm back, just assembled a clothes rail as i'm going to be taking out my built in wardrobe soon to re-paper behind it. I also bought some new nose studs :) So, things i'm loving? As usual COHEED AND CAMBRIA (i swear im not a crazy fan, i just have severe love for them !) and also DISTURBED! I totes have to thank Jason for sending me a song by them, i dont know why i didnt know about them before, there awesome. I know not alot (if any) of you have the same music taste as me but thats okay ;) But recently i've also been loving SHINEDOWN (also thanks to Jason) at first only liked THIS SONG, but i added the album to my spotify and i also now love THIS SONG, and THIS SONG (BET NONE OF YOU CLICKED ON THOSE LINKS HAAA) But yea, much love for those bands atm!! Which is why i'm so upset about my spotify. Like SERIOUSLY upset.. i listen to music ALL THE TIME, probably about 17 hours a day. when im asleep i still have my ipod in my ears.. so i even listen while im asleep. No matter what i'm doing i will have my ipod in or spotify on, and for the past 6 months spotify has been my saviour. I didnt have to buy music, i could listen to any band, any time, as much as i wanted. for free! BUT on friday i opened my laptop and spotify informed me that since i'd been listening to spotify for 6 mnoths, the account had changed to 10 hours of music a month split into 2.5 hours a WEEK! and i can only repeat a song 5 times. thats MADNESS, why didnt they tell me when i signed up that in six months id have to ration it to 2.5 hours a week! thats thats like 15 minutes of music a day :| which is STUPID! unless i pay £4.99 a month, and your probably thinking, so pay that. but i cant afford to. i know its only £5.. but really i cant afford that.. so sucky!! Im back to itunes, my baby, and i guess ill just have to purchase all those songs. i had 9 days worth on my spotify.. ANYWAY CLOTHES: Stuff i'm loving.. i only bought these things yesterday but i LOVE! My new primark mint mens zip up hoodie. £12 well spent, its SO SOFT!! and my two new necklaces from the topshop sale. You can see all of them in this VIDEO.
I've also been loving orange nail varnish!What else... Oh yea, APP wise, i've been loving Picfx and Artstudio. Picfx lets me apply Bokeh to my photos and also galaxy effect which you all know i love! And art studio lets me overlay images, and edit them pretty much the same way i use coreal paint shop pro on my laptop!
I know this has been an OVERLY LONG blogpost, just one more thing to mention. MY BEDROOM! SO the only things left in my room is my bed and my makeshift wardrobe, two walls are stripped of wallpaper and were preparing to take the other walls off soon ^_^ New wallpaper has arrived and im excited!!! OK ILL GO NOW!

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MEET THE AUTHOR: Serena Ozgowicz is a 24 year old Puggle owner with a passion for beauty, crafts and coding! You can follow her on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you for reading this post!

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