Thats right! I'm back into the swing of photoshop. When i come back to it after not making anything for a while i'm like IVE MISSED YOU BABY, ILL NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN!! :B As -hopefully- you can see, I now have better social network buttons, a gradient background (can i get a ooooo) and an overall better looking blog. Or so i think! Each to their own ey! What i've been up to recently? Well i went shopping with my mum to the trafford centre (as i mentioned in my last post.) To see what i bought heres the video which also contains a giveaway!
I had a really nice time and even though we got there at 7 and it shuts at 10, i didnt feel rushed, we made it into boots just as they started closing the shutters. I'm the type of girl who likes to wander from shop to shop and take my time looking at things, my mum however finds shopping a bit of a dull activity, she knows what she needs, she'll buy it, then leave. So i do appreciate that she followed me round while i looked at things haha. I love the trafford center but i only go once every 5 months or so as (other than my mother) i dont have many friends who enjoy 'shopping' and i would go on my own.. but the bus takes FOREVER! Also last night i tried one of the new Montagne Jeunesse (mon-tan-ger-ness) clay face masks, however it was one of the sheet masks not a rub on thing. It was really nice, and ill upload my review on that tonight :) It was really fresh. Other than that? I have the dentist today.. sigh, i dislike the dentist! I've never ever had anything done to my teeth, fillings etc. But i still dont like it. When i was little (like up till 8 HA) I always used to cry at the dentist.. LAME. Now i suffer in silence haha. So thats a joy to look forward to, and i'm too old for a sticker :'( Things i'm enjoying: Crossiants with jam! The amory wars (comic) Instagram ALWAYS! Okay, i better sign off and go to the dentist! CHOI

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