Dealing with stretch marks.

I know stretch marks are a bit taboo for teenagers as people associate stretch marks with pregnancy, something old people get or having 'fat'. However I have always had a problem with wearing shorts in my hometown (which can be a real issue on the rare occasion we actually have a HOT day) and probably over the past 4 years ive had bad purple stretch marks on the back of my knees which make me feel really uncomfortable showing my legs in public, this is why i relish being abroad where i don't know anyone and simply dont care. I know i should feel the same in england but the thought of bumping into someone i know and them seeing the back of my knees is not something i want! I dont even know how i got stretch marks on the back of my knees?! It's not like i used to have really fat legs and then lost weight.. but somehow there there. I also have rather large dots on the back of my legs which you'll see in the photo further down. Another place i have strech marks are on my hips, however i think this is due to the 'widening of the hips as a teenager' thing. my hips are quite alot wider then say my waist (obviously) and i think thats where there from, there white and are quite hard to see unles your looking and its not like i get my hips out so im okay with those. Today iw as in home bargains and saw a bottle of Cocoa Skin Therapy Oil with vitamin E and cocoa butter. I have tried Bio-oil before but just cant stand the oily feeling on my skin and the smell isnt the nicest either, but when i saw it was only 99p i thought i'd give it a go. I have tried it on the back of my hand and its not oily at all, it blends into the skin really fast and dries matte, also the smell is like the palmers coca butter (chocolate, which is a bonus) I think this will make it eaier to apply before dressing without feeling like im all greasy. I've decided to do a weekly update of how im finding the product. I will probably do it for six weeks and then see if it made any difference. Here are some pictures of the products and the back of my legs.
So yep, thats it for now i think! I'll update you in a week with the progress ill be applying once in the morning and once at night every day! Also it says it can be used on the face so im going to see if it fades my ance scarring any.


  1. This was really helpful as I have stretch marks as well on my hips. Is this avaliable in Superdrug or Boots as I don't have a home bargains store near me.

  2. These changes can have quite the ripple effect through the system which means “errant’ results such as stretch marks on the back can appear. Of course, genetic pre-dispositions can lead to such things as fat deposits collecting on the back which, in turn, can lead to stretch marks.

    There are quite a number of reasons why stretch marks on back appear. Once you actually realize there are scores of different reasons why stretch marks can appear, you soon realize that it really is not an anomaly that they can appear in such a region.