Been wanting to post all today but couldnt think what to write about then while on spotify i heard their ad about 'lists' and thought I KNOW ill do my top 20 songs that ive been obsessing over in the past week. Now i warn you.. these songs MIGHT NOT be your cup of tea but im always fascinated in what other people love listening to because contrary to popular belief you cant tell what music people are into of how they look/ act. I dont think how i look reflects my music taste at all haha. Also im listening to music pretty much every hour of the day (even when im asleep my ipod is in my ears haha) So if you want to delve a little into my mind then read ahead.
I will try to add videos for each so you can have a little listen to each if you dont know it. If you are gonna give them a go, i ask that you try to listen to mot of it, or if your not sucked in, try the middle of the song just to see ;)

This is DEFINATLY my fave of the past week. I have listened to it HONESTLY 60+ times in a row last night..

Okay, so if you saw my insane tweeting / vlog video about coheed and cambria and leeds festival (which i am now going to HIP HIP HOORAY) then you will know my fave band EVERRRRRRZ is coheed and cambria, the only band where there isnt ONE song i dislike and ive liked them since i was about 14 so alot of their songs 'helped' me through some times and i associate them with being happy! This is my fave one off their newest albulm:

This one is probably NOT going to be your cup of tea.. BUT might as well throw it in there as it is in my top 20, so ive been chatting to a friend and hes been sending me different songs that ive maybe not heard of and its been great discovering new bands so theres gonna be a few from this band..

So another song from Disturbed (dont be put off by the names of bands lol)Bit of a long intro btw.

Yes yes another one, if you DIDNT like the other two, still give this a listen maybe when your angry haha

Okay this one is completely different but somthing i forgot to mention earlier, i think if you were to go on my ipod, you would a song from literally every genre possible, i dont really go by genre or band im more a song by song girl, if i like it, i like it so here it is:

My god i love this song! Just so beautiful and gah LOVE IT!

This one has made a comeback this week because there going to be at leeds the day im going and i thought id listen to them again since i havent in a while.

Had this on repeat a few times this week :D

TEN: Okay were half way through my list if your even still reading then KUDOS TO YOU so whats number ten?! Im a FAN of celtic music, and this is kind of a mix between my fave genres:

My god i love this song, her voice makes me well jelous haha but i love singing along to this ;)

Okay, you ready?!Pure YUM:

Again, another song that is catchy.. and i like to swear along. So yea if your under 16.. not my fault!!

So this is a little different to any of the other songs, but yes like i said celtic fan.. brought up with my mum listening to it and so now im a sucker! <3 i reccoment 1.30 onwards

This is Claudio Sanchez'z solo/ on the side band and i just love the tune to this song. the like DU DU DUDUDUUU bit <3

Love love singing along to this!! Puddle of mudd have been in my life probably as long as coheed but just on a back burner, till i got spotify and rekindled my love :P

How can you NOT love this song!

Pure ear noms!

You all know (or should) my fave film is 10 things i hate about you and been watching it again recently and this song is from one of my fave scenes (as if i could choose one!)

Agh at 20 already and its hard to choose the last one :/ but here we go:

So they have been my 20 most played songs of the past week, not sure if anyones still reading or even listend to any of them, but really wanted to write something! Hope you enjoyed (at least a LITTLE) or found out a it what music i like :D
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