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Hopefully you’ve come across this post after seeing me try and explain everything in video form.. haha, well im glad you came to read this because hopefully I will make much more sense!
The question was what size am I in different shops, and what do I do to be comfortable and confident in my body.

Thats the major part I forgot to talk about in the video, my confidence.
I wouldnt say im like amazingly confident about my body but its really something that comes with age, im 18 (19 in 9 days) and so ive had a long time to get used to how my body looks and with the help of YT, how I can feel better about what I dont like or emphasise what I do. I have a solid belief that everyone is beautiful in there own way and age, height or size means nothing. Its all how you carry yourself, if you dont seem confident wearing those shorts in the summer then bets are your going to look uncomfortable and roboty. I perfer not to wear shorts in england as I am not 100% happy with how my thighs look but abroad im all for it! Confidence is KEY to being happy with who you are, and I dont mean confidence as in talking to a loadss of people I just mean knowing your body, what suits it, what you like and what you want to wear. Wear WHATEVER you want, try on things that you think would never suit you, sometimes you will be surprised!

I am a size 8-10-12 on top and a 12 on the bottom.


This is vital.. (but like I said im a total falier at this haha)
I would definatly reccoment getting a WII FIT as I would never want to go to a gym all those people staring egh but the wii is fun and tracks your weight!
-Drink lots of water! I know this might sound hard if like me you get bored of tasteless drinks, but if you can buy in bulk I suggest getting bottles of water, I dont know why but I much perfer them to tap water they just taste clean and nice?! Also try not drinking something you have a lot for a moth or two such as tea or coffee. Sometimes your body just needs that rest.
Pick a day as treat day and let yourself have a slice of cake or a chocolate bar, or pizza for tea, then the rest of the week eat healthy try to have your 5 a day and go on the wii ;) or just go for a walk with the dog.

Im not an expert these are just what I do or my ideas.

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