16 days till im 19.

Oh yes, Nearly B'day time!

Friday night friends over, Saturday night family meal at Frankies and Bennies (Round table at my request - I just love a round table, I can pretend to be a knight!) So all in all looks to be a good weekend ^_^

Dont have anything in particular to blog about today but just felt like writing.. typing. Ive broke the 'S' key on my laptop so i have to press the little white rubber thingy whenever i want to put sssssssss its really annoying!

Not too much good stuffs happened this week BUT ive had FIVE moderate orders in two days on Basement Boutique in two days and thats awesome! :D
Might have to buy a new top to celebrate... or put some money in my puggle fund! (theyll be another post about that some other time hehe)

Had some really good conversations recently too, anyone else have that where they just have a week of really good conversation?! Well this has been one of those weeks, definatly kept the boredom at bay(ish) i get so bored these days, by 6pm im like DRAGGGGG.

Its valentines day tomorrow :) I do not have a valentine.. but ive only ever had one one year of my 18 (nearly 19) so i think ill manage :L
Might just put abduction on and stuff my face (not that that anything new) I would love it if i recieved flowers, ive never had flowers and there just so goddam pretty haha so if you feel like sending some my way.. ;)

At the moment im sat in bed with no world for tomorrow blasting out my speakers and conidering going to get some golden grahams caus they are mighty tastey! BUT i dont think im hungry im just bored. Think im going to start stripping my bedroom walls this week to get ready for paint/ wallpaper so i can finally start decorating my room, thers no point in me putting all my pictures/mirrors/jewellery up when the walls arent done, i Also need a new wardrobe and two dresers, and two bedside tables EXPENSIVE :| so probably wont be finished till like july at this rate haha.

OKAY im gonna go - boring blog but just wanted to type!
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  1. I love this sort of post! Probably because I'm nosy hahah;) have a nice birthday <3

    Zoe xoxo