Birthday Plans?!

Yes i know its January the 23rd.. and my birthday isnt until the 2nd march (thats a friday btw) BUT i have been thinking about what id like to do! Im 19.. BUT i dont particulally like going out to clubs..i know call me a weirdo if you want but i just get so tired and bored.. i dont need to DRINK or 'try to dance' to have fun.. id MUCH rather be WARM and watch movies with my friends and EAT and drink a bit (i think im actually like an 80 year old) :p SO being the total adult that i will be...MOVIE NIGHT! hahaha, Basically pile my friends in stuff our faces and watch some rubbish movies (there obv the best choice since we wont be paying attention to them anyway and why waste good movies) I remember we were trying to watch Triangle one time and its hard to understand anyway but with mildly..drunk teenagers it was pointless haa. So im chucking my mum out for the night so they can just crash on the floor.. not decided if ill be like CHOI going getting in my comfy double bed now or just nap on the sofa haha..ANYWAY!!
Film reccomendations?!! GOOD ONES, like bad horror or comedy.. what your fave movies?!!
Also thought id share some present ideas with you.. my mums asked what id like so she can tell dad and other relatives so (i have been making a list since like december..) heres a few bits and bobs id like:

Youve probably all seen this poster on TUMBLR but i hunted it down its its quite expensive as posters go... HERES WHERE YOU CAN BUY IT.
I just love the meaning behind it and id like it to be in my room!

OFC.. the nutorious Naked palette! you can buy it HERE but yea, its a few BOB so perfect to get as a present :p

YUMMY!! I got the vera wang rock princess from THIS website for christmas and my aunt saved ALOT of money on it and id love princess too! It smells amazeballs i can save rock princess for winter and princess for summer!

Im 18 and i dont own anything by MAC!! well ill be 19 then but still! what better place to start then with this georgous mineralize blush! Havent decided on a shade but FRAGRANCE DIRECT have a great discount on lots of mac products so may ask for a few different things: p

So far.. thats all i have on my list.. i like to just shove a whole load of stuff down and let them look at it and then i can have suprises :L I do really want some new uggs though, ive had mine 2 years and while the tops still looks suprisingly new, the soles are non existant and are SO slippy when its rained! Im also !!!THINKING!!! of asking for some money for a tattoo, though im so not ready to get one yet, it can just be sat there waiting till ive decided everything i obv dont wanna just get anything! I have a couple of ideas and NO its not a moustache!! :D

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