This website is 'the bomb' ive always wondered about yankee candles as i see alot of talk about them, but i never really had the money that shops round me are selling them for, but this website has made it so much easier to enjoy candles because their prices are affordable! Most items are 15% off and ive come accross items i didnt even know exsited (for example the shade which ill talk about in a mo) So...
The lovely Shana at scentedcandleshop.com
sent me some of her favourite pieces to show you :)
Heres what i got:
First of all the big boy, Medium sized yankee candle is Christmas Eve, 1st i love the name :D and im saving for CHRISTMAS EVE, we have a tradition where on xmas eve were allowed to have the fireplace on (its expensive to use) and so we sit in the dark (par the tree lights), xmas tv on warm and cosy and now burning this is going to add a new tradition, i think having a smell to assosiate memories with makes the memories last longer as whenever you smell it youll think of the good times you had and i think that this candle is going to be a staple of my christmas's to come!
Its a beautiful 'aroma of sugared plums, candied fruit and a warm hearth in a happy home' which as you can tell will be perfect for my sceneario :p The medium candle is £11.99 which is 25% its RRP!!
The shade! I had no idea these exsisted so when i unwrapped it i was like ahh this is AWSOME! basically if you buy a candle like the one i just mentioned then you can buy these shades and once the candle is lit you can place it ontop and WALA a beautifuly lit table lamp!! Heres the shade i recieved:
Isnt is beautiful?! and PERFECT for the christmas eve candle, its decorated with snowflakes and ribbons! LOVE IT!! My mum hasnt seen it yet, so im going to suprise her on Christmas Eve!! The shade was £6.99 SO CHEAP!
The next items are TARTS, and no im not being rude! These wax tarts offer the amazing smell that normal candles provide only you dont have to burn them.. as such! Ill explain in more detail in a sec but here are the ones i recieved:
Tarts are from 90p!! Even the ytyankee ones!
So you take a nifty melter like this one i got:
think of it a little like a fondu! You put a tea light in the bit at the bottom, and the tart in the bowl on top, and as it melts it will let out the beautiful aroma of whatever tart you chose! its a great little invention because sometimes candles just dont give off enough scent if your accross the room! This burner is £8.99
I love tea lights, i ALWAYS have some lit along the fireplace but they just dont last long at all (got mine at the £1 shop) but these last 4 hours so its a BARGAIN!!
This amazing invention:
Bamboo and white tea scented, it is DIVINE, reminds me of the few good shifts i had at sainsburys haha, what you do is put the sticks into the scent and it creeps up and fills your room with a fresh scent, heres what the site says:
Clean, calm and beautiful, this Bamboo and White Tea Reed Diffuser has a wonderful fragrance. This pretty reed diffuser combines the tranquil scent of a green bamboo forest with the purity of freshly poured white tea.

Copenhagen Fragrance Diffusers are a stylish, safe and long-lasting way to fragrance your home. The specially-blended fragrance oil is drawn up the reeds for continuous, relaxing fragrance.

•Exclusive Copenhagen fragrance
•No fire-risk
•Can be left safely unattended
•Lasts for weeks
•Stylish fragrance gift

This was £9.55

AWSOME :D to look at the products visit scentedcandleshop.com
you will defo find somthing for you or a gift!
I cant thank Shana enough, my new room is going to look AND SMELL amazing :D were moving THIS FRIDAY so wish us luck hehe!

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  1. I love yankee candles! I am burning my 'mulled wine' scented one at the moment- amazing! xoxo