Christmas Gift Guide Episode 1 : Handmade.

Welcome to episode one of my chriwstmas gift guide!
Episode 1 is about handmade items (ish) Handmade by other people... if your not too crafty but still want to get someone a more personal handmade gift then these two i have to show you fit the bill completely. When i was younger i always made gifts for my close family because i didnt have any money but as i got older i still wanted to give somthing that they knew id put alot of effort into but maybe was a little better quality..
The first thing i have to show you is jewellery. Bigcartel is a great place to sell handmade jewellery and if you search through the store directory i promise you will find somthing to suit anyone! The store i have products from is CHEAP FRILLS. The shop is run by the ever so friendly Georgia and she sent me two lovely pieces to show you!
The first is the Archimedes Necklace
which is just simply adorable! (Please click on all images to enlarge)
This owl necklace would be a perfect gift for a sister, cousin or friend!
..or even yourself ;)It doesnt have that metal smell either that ive found some necklaces do, so that WIN :D The next thing Georgia sent me was this Cat Ring
I love the little ears poking up! These come in antique gold and silver.

Another thing that i loved about these products is the packaging :D its so cute!
I love that seal! I want one with my name on! i would write so many letters hahaa!!
The next item i have to show you is a bag by Clippy London
otherwise known as a clippy bag. It is simply georgous! Mine is the Silver Trim bag and i spent about 5 hours yesterday making images, printing, cutting and looking round the house for bits and bobs to stick in the windows. Here are some picture of my bag so far:

I LOVE IT :D Its like a million bags in one, with the downloadable pictures and stickers available on clippy london you can make the bag your very own and even personalise it for the person you want to give it to. One of the best gift ideas ever because you can make it for them and they can also change it whenever they want :) They sell small and big bags wash bags, umbrellas, journals, purses and the thing i have my eye on is the clutch! You can customise it to any outfit. Im imagining filling it with sequins. Beautiful! And at £10 i think its stunning.

Here is my video about the two products (sorry for the lighting)

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