Who knows about Birchbox?!
missglamorazzi is one of the thousands who use the birchbox programme, its a monthly 'present' to your door with 4 to 5 high end samples of amazing products!! Untill now there has been nothing like this in the UK.. but now.. we have GLOSSY BOX :)
I saw this when i randomly stumbled across a german video of a girl talking about a glossy box and i was like what the hell is this.. oo that box looks pretty OOO germany has a birch box so i googled it and found a UK website that had JUST opened and it was the same price as birchbox, thats £10 a month (cancel any time contract) free delivery and it will arrive at your door. at the time i had NO money BUT i babysat on sunday night and i got £20 BOOYA so i put £10 aside and gave that to my mum (as you have to pay with a card and i dont have one..) so i signed up and orderd last night. im SO excited to recieve it!! and the youtube video will be a mess because ill be all like OMGGGGGGGGGG. SO Glossy box.. more information:
With the GlossyBox you receive the most interesting beauty products and latest make-up trends every month directly to your home. Each GlossyBox contains five selected luxury product miniatures. The product range is diverse, ranging from a luxury lipstick to a trendy hair care product from a cutting edge brand. All product minitiatures are carefully selected and tested by our experts. Find your new favourite indulgent products to sooth those daily stresses or to add glamour to a party night.

Order: Simply register for free
and order your GlossyBox

Receive beauty trends: Every month, wait expectantly for your GlossyBox with carefully selected, indulgent, and newest beauty trends

Test: Try out cutting edge cosmetic products in the comfort of your home!!

One of the most exciting parts are the glossy dots, now if youve looked into birchbox or know about it, you can collect points that take money off full size products of the samples (if you wish to buy)
At glossy box you can save up 'GLOSSY DOTS' you recieve one glossy dot per feedback sheet on the products you recieve. After you collect 20 points, your next glossy box will be FREE!! yes free. Im not sure if the amount of glossy dots you will need will go up in time because 20 to me sounds too good to be true. or maybe im just a pessamist haha.
They also say that say you only had 11 glossy dots, you can knock this OFF your glossy box so you pay less than £10.

I seriously cannot wait for this glossy box to arrive, now because im a studant and noone is at home during the day i have the delivery address as my mothers work because obviously the box is too large to fit through my door.

When you order you will recieve TWO emails, dont be alarmed thinking theyve made you pay twice. I got confused because both emails are exactly the same, but one is an invoice and the other is just.. well i dont know but they send you two. as long as the order number is the SAME in the email subject then you have only paid once.

ALSO just after you order you are taken to a quiz where you answer questions about your personal preferance to products like wheather you perfer hair care or makeup ETC, apparently this will determin what type of products you get in your box etc. where as birchbox send out all the same products with slight changes to colour ETC.

Ill go now (should be working :p)

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