So i havent blogged in a while, and i have made about 4 videos, but they have refused to upload to youtube because of length, so i am going to try and fix that this weekend and re-upload. Before i do that, was just going to talk about my halloween / bonfirenight and other random things.
I went to Alton towers with a few friends for halloween, and we decided to dress up, as i did last year. Last year i went as little red riding hood, and i still have the dress in my wardrobe, not sure when i'll wear that again.. but anyway, this year i went as a 'sugar skull' from the day of the dead festival from mexico. So i'll show you some photos.
Here Are some photos that i did as a test run the night before:

And heres what i did on the day:
I had a really good time, it went dark about 6 and the park was open till 9 so the whole scarefest mood really set in. Allthough it was absolutely FREEZING and i got major cramp haa.

Last night i had a few friends at my dads house for some fireworks and hotdogs, it was really good fun, and it wasnt too cold, also it managed to stop raining while we were stood outside :) we had like 30 sparklers too so we did the whole 'write your name' bit.

Other than that, not alots  been going on really, just get up, go to college, come home, etc. but next week we have to give presentations in emedia and my name got picked to go first :| GRIM!!! so hopefully that 10 mins will go AFAP!!

So as i was saying before, i'll try to fix and re-upload my videos and then get them up asap. if you have any requests please comment below :)

Serena xx

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