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So i have become increasingly interested in acrylic nails, and really want to give it a go, nothing TOO expensive but not rubbish products that are going to kill my nails. So ive been searching youtube and found Chantellej18 which you can find here : VISIT :D
And ive been looking into the products she used so i visited their website NSI and ordered a catalogue, which i totally forgot i'd done till i got it today :) so here is what i received:

First of all i got this letter just telling me about introductory offers etc.

This is what their catalouge looks like, its really sleek, glossy pages, not what i expected. and inside has lots of pictures and very discriptive text :)

I know this image is upside down.. but you still get the idea of the colours, these are some of the coloured acrylic powders there all so vibrant :)

Some of the decorations for nails :) PRETTY!!!

I really recommend you order the catalouge if your also interested in doing your own acrylic nails, they are PROFESSIONAL, but why should i use somthing thats not just because i dont have a nail salon? So i cannot wait to order somthing :)

Talk laterrrrr X
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