the body shop | pinita colada body sorbet

I feel it's time I review this Pinita Colada* Body Sorbet as I am currently on the last few pumps of product. If that doesn't show that I love d this product I don't know what will! I still find the whole sorbet feel really odd and hard to describe, it's like a gel hybrid that sinks into the skin but has an an almost... slushy type texture on application. The scent is delicious and lasts a long time on the skin which is a plus. I read a few reviews saying it wasn't that great for people with dry skin but I have super dry skin and this worked really well for me, especially on my lower legs! I apply it every night before hopping into bed on my legs and then use whatever is left on my hands onto my arms and elbows. It smooths on really nicely and skins in pretty fast meaning that my pjs don't stick to my legs which I find very annoying with more creamy moisturiser! Overall I have loved using this product and I'm pretty sad that I'm on my last few days of use now, definitely a repurchase on the horizon!  You get a whole 200ml for only £8 which I think is a bargain for The Body Shop. BUY HERE.


why i love depop

If you haven't heard about Depop then this post is for you! Or if you have heard of it but thought 'eh, I prefer eBay' then this post is REALLY for you! Depop is an app that lets you buy and sell items that you no longer want. From clothing, make up, shoes, homeware to art! The great thing about depop is that it's all like minded people wanting to sell or swap their items for yours! In the past 6 months I have swapped tons of make up that I have never used or no longer use for shoes, summer clothes, bags etc. I've SOLD clothing I no longer wear and I've bought items that I love! Looking at the photo above here's a few things I've gotten on Depop in the past.

1 - A pair of brand new New Look floral shoes for £5.
2 - Swapped something for this gorgeous double layer New Look cami.
3 - Bought a brand new Cath Kidston skirt for £12
4 - A beautiful rose quartz choker that I wore for my 23rd birthday in March.
5 - Swapped for some brand new Soap & Glory sexy Mother Puckers.
6 - Bought this amazing floral bomber jacket that I have worn SO MUCH! 
7 - My new and current phone case for £4!
8 - A stunning New Look floral playsuit for £5!
9 - A retro pair of brand new river island shoes for £10!

This is why I love Depop, unlike eBay, you can be in constant contact with other sellers, message to ask about price reductions, its super easy to link to your paypal or card and it just makes selling a lot more enjoyable then sticking it on eBay and hoping for the best! The bet thing is that you are covered by Depop on any in app purchases meaning anything that goes missing or any dodgy sellers can be reported and sorted out. (Swapping is at your own risk) You can even leave and receive reviews from other sellers / buyers meaning your profile will gain reliability amongst buyers! My personal profile is @prettywildthings I am selling quite a few make up and clothing items so go check it out, maybe we can swap ;)
Depop is supported on iPhones and android so head to your app store and download this beast asap! You will be sure to find a bargain amongst your searches - which can be filtered via price and size! 



This is a gorgeously packaged 4-in-1 mask that you can use on your face, scalp, dry skin and hands! I have been using this for about a month and a half now (mainly on my face and dry elbows) and decided it's time to share my thoughts! Here are all the claims:  

Exfoliate, rejuvenate & transform skin with this youth enhancing 4-in-1 face& body enzyme mask.

Refine & improve suppleness whilst actively targeting the signs of ageing.

Stimulate cell renewal & promote overall skin and hair health.

Cocoon sore, dry or challenged skin on elbows, knees and feet.

Moisturise & restore vitality to hands and cuticles. 

As you can see from the photo it's a thick waxy consistency not unlike the Emma Hardy amazing face (which I love!) after I have removed my makeup I slather this over my face and it melts almost into a thick oil, I leave it on my face for about 3 minutes or whilst I clean my teeth and then I rinse it off with a hot muslin cloth. It leaves my face incredibly soft, clean and happy. I then use my coconut oil and apply a thin layer to my face which has been helping with my acne scarring. I am yet to try it on my scalp as I tend to just use a leave in conditioner if I want anything special. I would give this two big thumbs up as it seems to be lasting me forever! You can buy it here.