25 October 2016

Pawsome Box + discount code

I almost find these pet boxes more exciting then beauty boxes as I love seeing how excited Puka gets when he knows (and can smell) that it's for him! This is the Pawsome October box, let's see what's inside!

Firstly you get this cute little booklet with info in and I love the title PAW NOTES, like foot notes for dogs:')

These are obviously what Puka was most excited about.. food! You get a packet of Beef Meat Slices which Puka LOVES and we will definitely have to get more of, I like that the bag reseals and is foiled inside for freshness. Then you get two Trixie Sticks and a bag of Breath and Dental biscuits that Puka wasn't sure on at first and look like mini shredded wheat but once he realised I wasn't trying to give him weetabix he devoured them! 

Dog toys are the bane of my life, you see the funny little duck creature? Well I give that to Puka and guaranteed that in less then 5 minutes the stuffing will be all over the front room and the squeaker will be broken! His toy box now consists of LOTS of hard rubber toys as they're all he wont chew to bits! Whenever we get sent something like this he is beside himself with excitement so we are saving this for Christmas day to give him a little treat, sad I know, but there is only so many times you can crawl under the table to retrieve stuffing! 

I thought this was such a good idea!! A flashing heart tag you can attach to your pets collar and then when you walk them in the dark you (and others) can see where they are! We actually already have a light up collar that we pop on him for night walks but this is such a cuter option! 

And finally here's a couple pics of Puka waiting for his command to snaffle the treats!  


22 October 2016


A few months back I won £350 to spend on FarFetch.com and picked up these three Becca Powder Highlighters that I knew I would needed to try as I am on a huge highlighter kick at the moment! I chose Rose Gold, Opal and Moonstone. I decided on the powder versions over the cream or liquid as I like to powder my face and find that powder highlights work best for me on top of my other make up. 

I have never had anything from Becca before but I really like the minimal packaging, it's classy and looks expensive (hello, it is!) so it took me a while to actually throw the boxes out, I kept putting the highlighters back into their boxes after I used them until I got bored of this and made myself throw them away! 

Rose Gold

This is Rose Gold which as the name suggests is a rosey golden highlighter perfect for accenting bronzed skin or using as a light blush on the cheekbones, I'll admit this is the one I reach for the least being super pale it isn't a powder for all occasions but it is so gorgeous and sometimes I just open it to have a look at it! It has a really creamy formula that doesn't have any fallout and blends onto the skin just beautifully.


Opal is the perfect shade and glow for my skin tone, it looks gorgeous above my peach blusher and really highlights my face without me looking like a disco ball, the formula of this is a little more hard then the Rose Gold one and does create a little fallout so a gentle hand is best when applying!


I would describe moonstone as a low level highlight, it's more of a matte highlight if that makes any sense, it still gives a really nice glow to the skin but it isn't a IN YOUR FACE glow that makes it obvious. It just lightens up the face and blends into my fair skin so well. 

Rose Gold, Opal, Moonstone

As you can see they are just gorgeous and together all three of these offer me a highlight for any occasion! I tend to mix my highlighters when using so I like to use Opal and then my MAC Soft & gentle on top to create a sort of mid way tone between a blush and highlight.

Rose Gold, Opal, Moonstone

Finally, what you've been waiting for, the swatches! As you can see they are really creamy, pack a real pigment (these are one swipe) but obviously it's more of a sheer application when you use a brush! If I had to choose just ONE of these two own I would say Opal as it's an in between shade of the other two.

Rose Gold, Opal, Moonstone

Swatching these onto my arm you can see which look best with my skin tone, I have to say I think all three of these would suit any skin tone depending on how much you apply and what kind of effect you like to have with your highlight! I am so so in love with these and would recommend picking one up if you can afford one or asking for one for Christmas if you love highlights!! You can pick them up here for £32 each

13 October 2016

autumn outfit ft. yours clothing

Hello there, I'm back with yet another fashion post! This time a dress and boot combo perfect for the changing seasons. I was gifted this gorgeous grid pattern zip front dress from Yours Clothing and a pair of tan tassel ankle boots that are just adorable.

Can we talk about how cute this combo is, it's totally casual, comfy and perfect for going out for coffee (hot chocolate for me) or going to the cinema with the other half. Also this is the perfect photo spot so please don't mind to much if I pop back here for fashion posts in the future! 

The boots are a suede feel and also come in black (all the best boots do.) They are snug but in a good way as I can't stand my feet sliding around in boots. I just love the tassel detail on the back of the boots it's not something I've seen before and I think they just add something extra to the boots that otherwise could have been quite plain. I paired the two together just with a pair of black tights as it's far too cold to be tight-less now and I also wore my mac style coat which can be seen in my video here.
Check out Yours Clothing for more details and check out their amazing new autumn collection!