20 December 2016


It's December 20th! Only 5 more days until that fabulously magical day of present giving, present receiving, great food (yum!) and fun TV! This year I will be spending Christmas day at my dads house with my sister and I am so excited to start the whole day! Here's a few items I have on my wishlist this Christmas! 


7 December 2016

Clothes Show Live 2016 - Birmingham N.E.C

What's that.. two Birmingham N.E.C events in a row? Yes! And this time it was Clothes Show Live, my sister and I have visited every December for the past 5 years and this time it was super special as it's the last ever Clothes Show live held in Birmingham. Next year marks the start of a new chapter, the beginning of the British Style Collective held across 5 venues in Liverpool City Center. This is actually perfect for me as trains to Birmingham are £90.. trains to Liverpool are £17, plus my boyfriend lives there! It will also now be held in July (summer) rather then December which is pretty cool! Anyway, here is a post full of photos from the theater show, expect a haul coming soon and also some footage from the show so you can watch how amazing it was! 

13 November 2016

Festive Gift Fair 2016 - Birmingham N.E.C

So yesterday (Saturday 12th November) my mum and I hopped in the car and drove down to Birmingham N.E.C to visit the Festive Gift Fair. I was really lucky to have a press pass and a plus one and we were both excited to see what they had there! I love buying Christmas presents and this gift fair seemed right up my street. It took us about 2 hours to get there due to a lot of road works which was really annoying but once we got there we checked in and had a sit down in the food area, got ourselves an oasis and ate our pre packed ham sandwiches (big tip if you're heading to a convention like this, take your own lunch! Much cheaper and no long queues for food!) It was incredibly busy, if you have anxiety or get claustrophobic this can be a big challenge so I did have to just push through and just focus on each -slow- step through the crowds.