8 March 2018

primark wishlist | march

ONE : I've been looking for a black denim pinafore dress for ages, I have a blue denim one but I think I would wear black more, this one even hs embroidered flowers on!

TWO : this is a gorgeous bardot bodysuit that would be perfect in skirts or shorts in the summer! 

THREE : Another pinafore, this time pale pink which would look so cue with a stripey tshirt under and paired with some white converse! 

FOUR : I'm not really a 'mini skirt' kind of girl so I would have to see how this looked on but I adore the embroidery and it looks like something you would find in Zara for serious £££! 

FIVE : Do I need a new backpack? ...no. But look at this iridescent one, stunning! Perfect for summer dates to the zoo or theme park! 

SIX : Minnie Mouse sliders... do I need to say more?

SEVEN : Marie was always my favourite character as a child and I bought a huge fluffy backpack of her when I went to disneyland age 8.. it's probably in the loft somewhere! I need these on my feet! 
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26 February 2018

wedding dresses and bridesmaids!

Oh hey, I'm pretty excited about writing this post because my mum got engaged at Christmas, so finally, after 25 years of life, I get to be a bridesmaid!! We've already been to a few shops to look at dresses and it's crazy how many option are out there, and the price range! Obviously we want a balance of the best quality and the best price, so shopping online is the perfect way to get a deal. This of course brings its own issue of 'what if it doesn't fit,' this is where custom dresses come in! 
MiaLondon sells a range of dresses from wedding dresses to bridesmaid dresses 2018 to evening dresses for the guests! These can all be made to order so they fit perfectly! I've scoured MiaLondon to pick some of my favourites!

These are gorgeous dresses that can be purchased to size, or for a small extra fee it can be custom made to your measurements! And don't think they only do weddings, there is also a large range of cheap prom dresses to choose from!

Personally I prefer the less blingy type of dress, maybe a bit of lace and a short cap sleeve, what type of dress do you like?
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21 February 2018

winter to spring transition with yours clothing

I work from home so I love pieces that are comfortable but stylish. Yours clothing is perfect for any gals size 16 to 32 who like to be comfortable but also stay with the trends, here are four pieces that I am loving!

This khaki exposed lace top is extremely comfortable and it's slightly longer than a usual t-shirt so it's perfect for wearing with leggings! I like the length of the sleeves too, short but not too short! - BUY HERE. 

I absolutely love this dress, I am 5,9 and dresses are usually too short so I love that this goes below my knees, I've worn it twice now, once for valentines day with heels and to my mum's wedding dress shopping day with knee high boots. It's so light and feels like you're wearing pyjamas it's that comfortable. I cannot wait to wear this in spring / summer too! - BUY HERE


This piece is so interesting! It's a pair of leggings with a skirt attached so if you like wearing leggings but not showing your bum it's the perfect combo, I used to wear a skirt like this from H&M when I was in college, I wore it over leggings and with a cropped t shirt, it was like my teenage uniform. I get so many flashbacks wearing this combo and I really enjoy it! - BUY HERE

How amazing is this hoodie! It's nice and long so perfect over leggings or jeans (can't stand tops riding up)  it's sports luxe with the stripes on the arms and I love the font on the front. I'm wearing it right now as I write this and it's so comfortable and soft, I totally recommend this for day to day casual wear. - BUY HERE
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