This is a gorgeously packaged 4-in-1 mask that you can use on your face, scalp, dry skin and hands! I have been using this for about a month and a half now (mainly on my face and dry elbows) and decided it's time to share my thoughts! Here are all the claims:  

Exfoliate, rejuvenate & transform skin with this youth enhancing 4-in-1 face& body enzyme mask.

Refine & improve suppleness whilst actively targeting the signs of ageing.

Stimulate cell renewal & promote overall skin and hair health.

Cocoon sore, dry or challenged skin on elbows, knees and feet.

Moisturise & restore vitality to hands and cuticles. 

As you can see from the photo it's a thick waxy consistency not unlike the Emma Hardy amazing face (which I love!) after I have removed my makeup I slather this over my face and it melts almost into a thick oil, I leave it on my face for about 3 minutes or whilst I clean my teeth and then I rinse it off with a hot muslin cloth. It leaves my face incredibly soft, clean and happy. I then use my coconut oil and apply a thin layer to my face which has been helping with my acne scarring. I am yet to try it on my scalp as I tend to just use a leave in conditioner if I want anything special. I would give this two big thumbs up as it seems to be lasting me forever! You can buy it here.


primark wishlist june 2016

All these products can be found at PRIMARK & are all under £20 which I think is amazing!


yes! Hair Removal... yes or no?

This odd little contraption is the YES! Finishing Touch* hair removal machine by JML. I was very eager to give this a go before my trip to Greece as I saw many reviews claiming miracle results for almost instant hair removal. What really drew me to the YE! was the stubble remover head that seemed to have the best outcome in all the reviews! So, what did I think?

Firstly, it looks like a razor, but it isn't. The head barely moved and when I tried it on my leg hair, nothing happened. Here's what it claims on the website - "The sensa-light technology of Finishing Touch Yes! uses precision, micro-oscillation to remove even the tiniest hairs and sweep them gently away with no cuts, nicks, bruises or bumps, leaving your skin incredibly smooth, without the need or any water or creams. " My thoughts? There are a couple of LED lights in there that flash.. and that's it. They don't DO anything and neither does the razor like head. You hold it at a 45 degree angle to the skin and slowly glide it along the skin against the grain of your hair. I tried it on my legs, arms, and the ONLY place I got it to work was on my face. Would I recommend shaving your face? No.. but it was nice to see it actually do something. Lets look at the stubble remover head that had the raving reviews.

Ok, so my legs were on about 3 day growth, so mostly stubble and this head claims to basically buff it away painlessly and quickly. Nothing happened. At all. You're meant to hold it at a 90 degree angle and press down slightly, I tried all sorts and nope, nothing worked for me. No hair removal. I was pretty disappointed to be honest. At £30 it's basically a glorified razor.. that doesn't do anything. I'd rather run the razor over my legs daily then mess around with this. For me.. this YES! is a NO!