5 October 2017

The Kite Runner | A Review

The Kite Runner, a (fictional) book that I first read in college for my AS Level English and Literature Exam. It wasn't a farce to read as I really enjoyed the story... and although we were meant to give the book back at the end of the year.. I didn't (shh.) It's still on my bookcase now! When I heard that the production was coming to The Lowry this October I knew I had to see it.. and I'm so glad I did. 

Let me give you a short summary of the story if you aren't familiar. Amir, a well-to-do Pashtun boy, and Hassan, a Hazara who is the son of Ali, Amir's father's servant, spend their days kite fighting in the hitherto peaceful city of Kabul. When a horrific event happens it causes Amir and Hassan to drift apart before the Soviet Union military intervenes in Afghanistan and Amir and his father flee to Pakistan before becoming refugees in San Francisco. As Amir grows up he has continued guilt  about Hassan and the event that he could have prevented. After Amir's father dies of cancer he received a message from an old friend from Kabul and goes to visit him in Pakistan. When some revealing information is given to him Amir goes on the hunt for Hassan's son and ultimately has to save his life.  

The play begins with an amazing musician who plays the music for all the scenes and sits proudly on the side of the stage. Amir dips in and out of present time while narrating his story of his childhood to the audience. The story portray a range of emotion from happiness, jealousy, guilt, anger, grief and sadness. In fact I left the theatre with a slight headache from all the facial expressions I think I made during the play, I physically noticed myself raising my eyebrows at surprising moments, squinting at the bullies and rolling my eyes. 

I have enjoyed many plays, but none moved me as much as The Kite Runner, it had been a few (ahem) years since my last read and so I wasn't totally fresh with the story in my mind meaning I was shocked and saddened by events all over again. Amir wept, and I held back the tears. It was hard to watch at times but also you couldn't look away, and that's the best kind of acting. There was not one stumble or mistake that took you out of the immersiveness of the story. It really felt as if you were watching a movie rather than a live action which sounds devoid but I think it's because I was so drawn into the story. I've never heard an audience so silent the whole time, no chattering in the back and hardly any of that chain coughing you always seem to get when a venue goes quiet.

Overall, I think this is the best put together, moving, stage show I have ever seen and I urge you to go and see it! It's been two days since I saw it and I'm still thinking about it which I think shows how deeply I felt for the story. Absolute 10 out of 5 stars from me! 
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30 September 2017

Autumn Trends | 2017

The main recurring trend for Autumn / Winter 2017 is the colour red! It's bold (if it's good enough for santa..) but also easy to wear as it's plain meaning it can be worn in so many ways. Best of all it suits all skin tones so anyone can rock it!
A/W isn't complete without glitter and 2017 is no different. This year it's all about the shoes and boots! I am a huge fan of sparkly, glittery, OTT shoes much to my boyfriends displeasure so this trend is right up my street! If you aren't a fan of full on bling footwear there will be tons of shoes with hints of this trend available from buckles to bows.
Western vibes are moving from spring to autumn this year and I am so pleased. I love the comfy yet quirky vibes that come from wearing western vibes and it's one of those things you can throw into your daily look with one piece weather it be a shirt or a bag.
I am a big advocate for florals, but this A/W is the turn of the Couch Floral (think that KKW outfit) otherwise known as the ugly floral.. but it doesn't have to be ugly! The blue dress above is the perfect example of a couch floral, busy, bold but beautiful!
Velvet is always perfect in the cooler months as it keeps you warm and also looks stunning, formal velvets will be hitting the highstreet soon so keep your eyes peeled for your new Christmas party outfit! I already own two formal velvet dresses and don't see a reason not to add to this...
Gold is not usually a colour I gravitate towards - I'm much more of a silver girl, but with hints of rose gold throughout my winter wardrobe I have become addicted. Rose gold is the perfect in between shade that seems to compliment most outfits and skin tones! It's not hard to find something rose gold these days so you are bound to be on trend for A/W!
Ah shirling, the fabric of the season. I love the whole aesthetic and have tried of hopeless amounts of jackets but always feel they are a little too short in the body for me or make me look way bigger than I am, bad news aside, there are so many options out there from highstreet to high end and number six above is just stunning!
Images sourced from Lyst.co.uk
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9 September 2017


Of all the plays / ballets / operas / musicals I have been lucky enough to see this year, The Addams Family Musical was the one I was most excited for - for several reasons. Firsty I absolutely LOVE The Addams Family 90's films. I watched and rewatched them as a child, teenager and adult and when I heard that there even WAS a musical I really wanted to see it! Secondly I am a huge fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher, this is probably expected as she is a fabulous human being but I actually only discovered her on youtube this year! Another person I am a huge fan of is Emma Blackery and when I saw her tweet to Carrie back in January I checked out her channel and became hooked. I think I went back and watched all of Carries videos in about 3 days (no shame) and have been up to date ever since. 

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