26 July 2014

festival essentials - tents

This gorgeous tent was sent to me by One Stop Festival now Festival Camper it is a 3 man tent which is the perfect amount of space for two bodies and your bags at a festival. (There's even room for a dog.. just don't forget it!)

This amazing sleeping bag which you can buy here is one of the comfiest, snuggliest things EVER. I would seriously sleep in this on my bed instead of a duvet, it's that good. And it's extra wide which means if you sleep in weird positions like me, you aren't confined to the mummy position! 

I really recommend FESTIVAL CAMPER to find all your necessities, as they are really fairly priced and you can use these over and over (as long as you take care of them!)

24 July 2014

tbt #13

Happy almost Friday!

 Is there anything else?! See onesies were in even then!

 Matching coats.


 Daniella excited over the Beano & Dandy annual. 

 Original Duckface

Remember I mentioned I collect nutcrackers? This is the first one I ever got, it's very rare and special because it's from a part of Germany that no longer exists.

19 July 2014

meet herbie