9 September 2017


Of all the plays / ballets / operas / musicals I have been lucky enough to see this year, The Addams Family Musical was the one I was most excited for - for several reasons. Firsty I absolutely LOVE The Addams Family 90's films. I watched and rewatched them as a child, teenager and adult and when I heard that there even WAS a musical I really wanted to see it! Secondly I am a huge fan of Carrie Hope Fletcher, this is probably expected as she is a fabulous human being but I actually only discovered her on youtube this year! Another person I am a huge fan of is Emma Blackery and when I saw her tweet to Carrie back in January I checked out her channel and became hooked. I think I went back and watched all of Carries videos in about 3 days (no shame) and have been up to date ever since. 

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23 August 2017

♥ IT'S A DATE | Kaspas ♥

August 21st was my boyfriend and I's 2nd year anniversary together, we didn't want to plan anything too fancy so we decided to go to the Liverpool World Museum where they had some awesome mummy's on display (the museum was one of the first dates we went on when I came to visit him in Liverpool 2 years ago) have a delicious dessert at Kaspas King of Desserts* and follow up with a little shopping day in Liverpool and then head to Ed's Diner for Dinner (I call it tea, he calls it dinner.. it's a constant struggle!)

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17 June 2017


I was long overdue a new pair of sunglasses, and unlike most of you lucky lot I can't just pop down to Primark and pick up any pair I like. Because I wear eyegalsses I need prescription sunglasses as I can't stand swapping from sunglasses to glasses on and off all day so that I can see things and I don't enjoy wearing contacts. My last pair of prescription sunglasses were three whole years ago and thankfully my prescription has stayed relatively the same during this period meaning I didn't have to get a new pair every year. I always get my glasses online because it's so much cheaper so I was surfing the web for prescription sunglasses about a month ago as I am going to France at the start of July and very randomly I received an email from GlassesShop.com asking if I would like to review a pair, it couldn't be better timing!
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