I started this nail routine about 5 months ago and have happily kept it up every night at least 5 our of 7 days a week. It consists of keeping my cuticles healthy and tidy and applying nail strengthener to stop my splitting nails and help them grow strong. There are three main steps to my routine which are as follows:

If my cuticles or the skin around my nails are looking untidy or sore I will apply my Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover around the corners of my nails, wait a good four minutes or so and then take my Elegant Touch Cuticle Scraper and gently push away any loose skin or rough bits, I then use a flat cotton pad to wipe off any excess then I'll clip and file my nails if I need to.

Depending on weather my nails need a bit of hydration I will follow up with my Sally Hansen Strength Gel, I just pop a little onto each nail and rub it in till it's dry. I recently got sent this Nail Apothecary Nail Armour* which claims to be infused with protein, vitamins and minerals to protect nails from peeling and cracking which is something I suffer from. It goes on like a nail varnish and dries quickly to a subtle pink shade that looks almost like a French manicure. You can reapply this on top of an already existing layer for up to seven days and then it's recommended to remove and start again. I usually just do two layers and then remove. 

If I am not going to be using my nail apothecary I will just apply my forever strong top coat from Maybelline to give my nails a layer of varnish to keep everything sealed and happy. I use this under and on top of nail polish for a smooth and shiny finish. What's your nail routine?



I first started looking for a glycolic tonic when I saw this video about why it's good for treating acne scars! A well known and loved glow tonic is by the brand Pixi and having looked into it I found that FREEDOM sell their own version for just £6. It has pretty much identical ingredients and has a much more affordable and attractive price.

You simply apply a few drops to a cotton pad and wipe over the face morning and night. There is no tingling sensation but you feel your face sort of firm a little. It has a unique scent that isn't the best but fades after a few minutes. I have been using this about one month now and have seen considerable difference to the acne scars on my right cheek which are a lot less red and prominent. I still have about 93% of the bottle left so I see this lasting me at least another two and a half months. I will continue to use it all up and then do a return post to let you know if I think it's worked for me! You can only purchase this on the freedom website or in Superdrug here



About 5 years ago I used to wash my hair every single day but this got extremely tiring and was making my hair get greasy very quickly. I eventually toned this down to washing it every 3 days and now I can even stretch to 4 days before I really feel the need to wash it! In between washes, if I want a little extra texture or my hair looks a little 'sad' I will use some Batiste Dry Shampoo in the roots to just lift it up and stop any shine (I like my hair to look matte but healthy!) It's perfect for creating volume and life in your hair when it's looking a little limp and this sweetie edition smells so yummy! I also love Russian dolls so I kind of don't want to throw this away when it's empty. My favourite scent is the tropical coconut version, buy here