cruise.co.uk photo competition

Cruise.co.uk are holding photo competition along the theme of the ocean! I had a tough time choosing between this photo and a photo of a gorgeous sunset on the beach above, but chose this photo simply because I love the ombre horizon with the land in the distance! As much as I love a sunset -and who doesn't- I do love a hazy horizon. This was also taken from the top of Barsalloch Fort (which had a LOT of steep steps!) in Dumfries & Galloway in Scotland when my mum and I rented a house with my Grandma and Grandad for a week, it was an amazing holiday because the house was literally on the beach so you could hear the waves from bed! 


giffgaff #nofilter photo challenge

Giffgaff are having a #nofilter photo challenge along the theme landscapes! As soon as I heard about it I knew it was time to riffle through those many folders I have on my laptop full of my phones camera photos. This photo was taken on my iPhone 5s on Fathers Day at the lake near my dads house. I love the reflections! And I didn't even need to add a filter as the greens and clouds were so pretty! Competition here.

shoe review | shoezone

These converse style trainers are only £7.99 from shoezone* and you know I cannot resist a polka dot floral print! They run a little small so I had to hop up to a size 7 to get them to fit (I usually wear a size 6 in everything!) I also got a small blister on my little toe after wearing these for only 40 minutes which made me a bit sad as I love them so much but after stretching them with a little newspaper they haven't hurt since. I think its just the stitching around the toe area as you can see in the photo above that was rubbing a little. Other then that small issue they are really comfy and look so nice with my blue jeans and a slouchy tshirt! They have a very sturdy (and slip free) sole and high quality stitching. I know it's easy to hear shoe zone and think 'cheap, low quality' but in all reality, they're just affordable, well made shoes! So check out their range of lace up shoes here!