flamingo gifts | stocking fillers

I love myself some cute kitchen tools. And these M-Spoons by Fred are so up my street. They are measuring spoons in the shape of Russian dolls and you measure things in their tummys! So ingenuous! There is a large range of Matryoshka kitchen wares by fred and I honestly want all of it! 

How cute are these little dolls!! You can pick up this set of measuring spoons here. And check out flamingo gifts other FRED products here.
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flamingo gifts | stocking fillers

Enchanted Unicorn Bandages.. need I say more!  At just £5.99 there is no prettier way to treat a booboo then with unicorn magic. There are 15 plasters in a tin, and a free gift, which I wont ruin for you, but it's amazing. 

I just HAD to model one for you (which I am still wearing 4 hours later...) They have loads of plaster designs from just £3.99, check them out here.

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yucoco personalised chocolate | christmas 2014

Yucoco is pretty much my dream vocation. Chocolate, all day err day! And this website gives you the chance to play Willy Wonker! You choose your chocolate flavour (I chose trio, yum) choose 5 toppings and then they make up your chocolate bar, and it's a pretty big bar too!! 

You get to name your bar, and add a personalised message inside! And it tells you what is in it. There are over 1 billion combinations for you to make and tons of yummy toppings from sweets, to nuts to fruit! 

To find out more and make your own Yucoco bar starting at just £4 then click here.
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