my holiday non - beauty essentials


1 - Puzzle Magazines - these are great for travel to keep you occupied in those delays and keep you distracted during turbulence.
2 - Books - I have 3 in my carry on as I like to read while I sunbathe as well as in the airport.
3 - Travel Pillow - I've actually never taken one of these with me before but this time I found a super soft one in primark and was like, yes I will give this a go. I can also use it on a sun lounger! 
4 - Headphones - essential to keep screaming babies at bay and listen to your music in peace. I take both over the ear and in ear headphones so that I can use one whilst sleeping without being uncomfortable . 
5 - iPad or tablet - you can fill these with movies, books, and tv shows to keep you entertained! I've loaded mine with 9 movies in case I fancy watching something in the evenings.


1 - Slippers - I always take a pair of slippers with me on holiday as often villas or apartments have marble floors which are pretty chilly in the evenings. 
2 - Companion - Yes, I'm 23 and I'm taking my tiny mint bunny with me that my boyfriend gave me for Valentines Day, it will keep me company! Don't judge!
3 - Multi travel plug - One plug to fit into theirs but lots of UK plugs to charge phones and cameras.
4 - Tea Bags - again, don't judge but my family always takes teabags with us abroad so that we can have a nice cup of tea when we arrive without having to head to the shops (we usually take a carton of milk...) It's NICE! 


my holiday beauty essentials


1 - Tissues - These always come in handy weather it's to blow your nose or wipe something up!
2 - Cuticle Oil - Keep your hands and nails hydrated mid flight (a hand cream is good too!)
3 - Travel Face Wash - If it's a long flight you may want to go and refresh in the loos before you land!
4 - Lip Balm - I don't go anywhere without my Baby Lips.
5 - Hand Sanitizer - A must have for travel, especially on public transport.
6 - Face Moisturiser - Keep your face hydrated as the flight air system dries you out.
7 - Chewing Gum - Again you may want to freshen up your mouth if you've been asleep.


1 - Sun Cream - Ofcourse this is a must have for those sunny holidays. 
2 - After Sun Body Butter - I love this body butter formula as it's soothing and smells amazing.
3 - Sun Cream for Face - Perfectly formulated to wear under make up and doesn't break you out!
4 - Travel Size Body Wash - No need to lug a whole bottle with you for a week away.
5 - Travel Size Shampoo & Conditioner - Again these tiny bottles are the perfect hair companion.
6 - Dry Shampoo - The holiday saviour, I use this daily but also gives hair volume for a night out.

Are there any essentials you take that I've missed off my list?


wishlist | daniel footwear


Daniel Footwear is the home to designer brands, footwear, bags and acessories! I creted a little wishlist of shoes (and bags) I would love to own! First we have this gorgeous pair of Melissa Jelly heels, perfect for holidays and nights out. Then how could it be a LPWT wishlist without something glittery! These Ash slip ons are gorgeous and I would never want to take them off! Next we have a stunning pair of MK trainers (I didn't even know they did trainers) and these are super casual and perfect for lazy days or errand running. Last thing on my wishlist is this gorgeous mint mini cross bag from MK it's the perfect size for me as I can never be bothered with big bags but this one is cute as a button!